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My Mission

As more and more citizens are choosing to become gun-owners, I believe it is my purpose to educate, train, and equip these individuals so they can better defend themselves and their loved ones.

I started recreationally shooting 14 years ago, and after transitioning into competitive shooting, I found my true calling in Firearms Instruction. I truly believe that the skills I teach my students will save lives. After taking many defensive courses myself, I have found one thing missing in most of the curriculum: Training the mind.

In defensive situations, you must be able to think and perform in high-stress scenarios as things can change quickly. This idea is at the core of all of my defensive classes. I train people not just to shoot, but to analyze and react.

See you in class!


- Don Carroll

DC Training & Tactics

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Don was an outstanding instructor. He was very clear in his communications and methodical in his approach. Each step set the foundation for the next step, which made the entire process quite intuitive. Don is friendly and encouraging, but still professional. Highly recommended!

Dave A.

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