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  • Susana Asberry    

    Very patient, clear with instructions and knows his job well. Very satisfied; will hire him again.

    Sat Jun 13 2020

  • Carson Withers    

    It was a great experience, we learned a great deal in our first session with Don and he brought us to a very comfortable and friendly environment. He is a really great instructor, explains things really well while walking you through it and after our first day we are already looking forward to more training with firearms!!

    Tue Jun 16 2020

  • Jeff Semingson    

    Excellent training - very knowledgeable, professional, humorous and fun. Learned a lot about what my fears are with firearms and now I know what I need to work on. Will be using him again when I receive my Beretta 92.

    Tue Jun 16 2020

  • Kenneth Barthule    

    Donnie was well spoken and articulate with his instruction. Extremely proffesional demeanor. I felt safe and confident the entire time. I saw improvement in myself training with him. Plus it was really fun! A+ in my opinion!

    Thu Jun 18 2020

  • Alexa LeMaster    

    So much! Donnie is very good at meeting their students where they are at (skill wise) and he let’s you learn on your own while still being incredibly helpful as a teacher. I’m getting better very quickly and bows aren’t even his specialty. Very impressive and fun individual!!

    Fri Jun 19 2020

  • Ericson S.    

    Great teacher. He really works with you to ensure you understand the basics of firearms use and safety. I was able to learn key techniques to help my fire rate and precision.

    Fri Jun 26 2020

  • Mitchell Holliday    

    Training was very well detailed and explained every step of the way. Lessons made sense and extra info was provided when needed. Instruction was clear and calm, while being fun the whole time. Don was easy to talk to and relate with. Would highly recommend to anyone, no matter what their experience is!

    Sat Jun 27 2020

  • Jacob Pellum    

    Don at Archangel Tactical helped me familiarize myself with the basics of rifle control and build a foundation to stand on. Being a new shooter, I required a great deal of patience and even after my first training session I was already feeling more confident shooting. Don has a wealth of knowledge and a great demeanor that helped my work through the basics of firearm etiquette and propel me toward proficiency. I hope to one day compete in 3 gun and rifle competitions and I have no doubt that the skills taught at archangel tactical will build the skill base necessary for success. I started with a simple rifle class but now I look forward to branching out and taking handgun courses as well. I couldn't be happier with my training experience and look forward to my next session!

    Sun Jun 28 2020

  • Ilene Seaward    

    Excellent, very helpful and informative! Made learning so very easy and comfortable! A+, for great training!

    Sun Jul 12 2020

  • Dillon J    

    Donny is very thorough with the everything from the basics to drills and is happy to communicate in a way that made me feel that I was both learning/ progressing and that I wasnt missing any information! Had a great time and know exponentially more than before.

    Tue Jul 14 2020

  • Carson    

    Donnie does great lessons. Very good at identifying weaknesses and running you through the drills needed to strengthen those weak points. Will definitely be attending another session it not multiple.

    Sat Aug 08 2020

  • Kathi Mcmurtrey    

    Great to work with, very helpful in providing basic safety, good communication to ensure i understand and to instill confidence in this first time of handling a gun. Provided great coaching to work on areas of weakness. Really appreciated Don's expertise and guidance and will definitely use again for follow up training.

    Sun Aug 16 2020

  • Dave Archibald    

    Don was an outstanding instructor. He was very clear in his communications and methodical in his approach. Each step set the foundation for the next step, which made the entire process quite intuitive. Don is friendly and encouraging, but still professional. Highly recommended!

    Fri Aug 28 2020

  • Kyle Nixon    

    Don was very thorough, professional, and his gun safety and tactical training were taught in such a way that a beginner like me could understand and learn.

    Mon Aug 31 2020

  • Mike Quackenbush    

    Don and his business partner communicate each training phase and defensive tactics- patiently and professional. Me and my wife are new to firearm's ownership, shooting, and defensive tactics. We recommend their services and are planning on receiving additional training from DC Tactics & Training.

    Tue Sep 22 2020

  • Dale Garnett    

    Don was great at communicating and teaching both introductory and more advanced procedures.

    Wed Sep 30 2020

  • Kristeena Sabando    

    Very knowledgeable and easy to follow. We feel like we can handle our shotguns with confidence. Thank you

    Thu Oct 01 2020

  • Robert DeForeest    

    Don was absolutely an excellent choice if you are new to shooting or if you need to brush up on your skills. He’s very knowledgeable not only about self defense, but also about being a responsible gun owner.. You will learn a lot and fun while you learn it! I seriously can’t recommend him enough!

    Sun Oct 18 2020

  • Paul M Dibble Don was an excellent trainer for my wife and I and we recommend Don to anyone wanting a thorough beginner / new to pistols training. Wed Oct 21 2020

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